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We firmly believe that the work of our community stands out for being of great quality, direct from local producers, indigenous communities and small producers with great stories of growth over time.

We know that it is unusual to see so many small producers in various fields, create businesses of this magnitude, but our community believes that this is real and today we are very proud of what we are and where we have reached.


Learn just a little about what we offer to international markets and that comes from indigenous hands of Mexico. A living culture with commercial potential.

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Some of our brands

Our natural and transformed productions have supply capacity because we are located in 26 States of the Mexican Republic, so we can follow the seasonal flowering route of each farm product.

Fruit trees: Mango, Pineapple, Strawberries, Blueberry, Guava, Banana, Avocado, Apple, Sugar cane and more. Do you have a special request? You can tell us and we will gladly tell you in which states of the republic we can have stock. In addition, all our fruit trees, as well as tubers, can be transformed into dehydrated ones.​​

Alcoholic drinks: Craft beer, Mezcal, Tequila, Raicilla, Pox, Aguardiente, Charanda.

Traditional Mexican sweets: Alegría, Palanqueta, Assorted amaranth sweets, Dulces de leche, Oblea, caramel.

Super Foods: Entology (bulk raw materials, super protein shakes, kitchen condiments, etc.), gluten-free bread, sugar-free bread, leaf stevia, powdered drinks with amaranth bases and vegetable proteins.

Mexican textiles: Whether unique pieces made by hand or with traditional machinery, as well as rolls of fabric or embroidery for application on other materials, all with registrations and permits for international distribution by fashion designers.

Personal hygiene products: Solid or liquid shampoo, paraben-free. Personal hygiene products derived from honey.

Cosmetic products: Body cream, face cream, eye contour cream, reducing gel, anti-inflammatory gel, skin care products, all of plant origin or honey processing.

What idea have you got? Are you looking for something specific or more specialized?

We have 11,000 producers throughout the Mexican Republic and we know that everything you want, we already have it for you.

Do you want more information or would you like a quote? Send an email to:


We will gladly respond to your needs.


Is it for export? Of course we have everything to be able to send your order directly to your distribution center. We have experience in international transfers and have all the permits to do so.


Mexiutopic is a company that unites the producer with its end client, to create new links, healthy businesses and good relationships.


Mexiutopic: You will always find a local friend

+52 56 2029 8921

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